What does UISO do? 

Threat and Vulnerability Management: Because Georgetown University considers the protection of University information a critical priority,we endeavor to protect by providing critical information security services and education to the GU community, equipping students, faculty and staff with the tools to better protect computers and data.

See what we do https://georgetown.box.com/s/0b8ke6f0ubtwg5oxzjc2

Phishing in the Fall

Every email account is bombarded with phishing attempts on a daily basis.  Much like telemarketers and political campaign callers, phishing is a consistent part of our environment. Nobody is immune: faculty, students, staff, alumni all get phishing emails. 

The best defense against phishing is our own behavior.

  • Don’t click on links or attachments. Phishy-looking emails probably are exactly that.
  • Change your password often
  • Check examples of recently reported phishing on our website (security.georgetown.edu). 

If you clicked or think you may have clicked on a link? Computer acting oddly? Spamming folks on your contact list?

  • Change your password immediately !!
  • Call the Service Center (202-687-4949) for assistance.

UO Security Enrollment

The University Information Security Office may request that you enroll with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to enhance security and improve validation when logging into the VPN.

You may receive an email from UISO specifically asking that you enroll. The email will give you a contact number to verify that the email request is legitimate as well as specific guidance to enroll.

Password Change Requirement (twice per year)

UISO will remind students, faculty, staff and alumni to change their passwords two times per year. If you have questions, please email us at security@georgetown.edu or call (202) 687-3031.

Electronic Safety when Travelling

Travelling to another country?

Announcing the release of the Teleworking Policy 

Reminder: if you use Restricted Data, complete the Information Security Requirements for Teleworkers or the Requirements for Teleworkers Using PHI 

UISO Services

 UISO requests (VPN, FW, assessments, etc)

 How can I learn more about protecting information?

 What laws, regulations and policies apply to protecting or protected data?

 I want to report a security incident (Procedures for Reporting a Security Incident)