Be advised that there is a fraudulent email being sent to students regarding a fake employment opportunity. 

The email subject line is “Personal Assistant (Part-Time) Position”

There are usually two emails involved in this scam. The first email claims to have found your resume through the GU "job search page" and asks you to reply. DO NOT REPLY

Hope you're doing good today? I had a look at your resume on your school job search and I might possibly have an opening for you confirm to me if you're available and get back to me as soon as possible. Send your personal email and mobile number  for job description to get started. Work 4- 8 hours weekly and get paid $300.
Warm Regards

The second email starts off this way, and then asks for you to send money to him/her:

Thanks for your mail
 I have a personal assistant position for you. As a consultant with a focus
in  international business, the majority of my clients are out of state and
out of  the country. I work as an affiliate of Norman and what we do is
supply cameras and fix CCTV for companies and banks in any country
whatsoever which is the exact reason am out of the country I need help with
my errands  because I am constantly out of town. As a matter of fact, I am
currently on a business trip to Canada at this time. I will prepay you in
advance to run some errand for me and i will pick the item up at your place
on my arrival in the state on the 20th of September. How soon can you

This specific email comes from phillipchen75[at]gmail[.]com, however the sender email address and specifics of the fraud may change. 

If you receive this type of email, mark it as SPAM, delete it, DO NOT respond to it. And never send money to a stranger or someone soliciting funds for an alleged job.