Two-FA is A-OK!

Two-Factor Authentication. Don’t Sign On Without It.

Two-factor authentication – or 2FA – is an extra layer of security for your online accounts. It is designed to ensure that you are the only person who can complete your login, even if someone has figured out your password.

Georgetown uses Duo authentication to help keep NetID accounts secure. UIS reports that Duo blocks approximately 7,000 fraudulent login attempts per month!

Coupled with a strong, 10+ character passphrase, security experts consider 2FA one of the most efficient ways of improving your account security.

2FA can be in the form of authenticator apps, USB keys, phone calls or texts, or even a biometric like a fingerprint. There are many options available depending on what you are trying to access and how sensitive that data is.

All The Places You Need To Use It

example of login verification that requires a text confirmation

Think of all of the places you may have information that you want to protect. Then check out the “Account Settings” sections on all those sites to see what security features they offer.

  • Banking, credit card and other financial sites
  • Shopping or subscription sites
  • Email accounts
  • Healthcare accounts
  • Social Media accounts

Using Duo at Georgetown? Try One of These At Home

Microsoft Authenticator (new window) – protect your online identity

Google Authenticator (new window) – protect your account with your phone

LastPass Authenticator (new window) – one-tap password verification

What you need to know: Even in a security breach, a second factor – like a verification code – is the barrier you need to prevent a hacker from getting into your online accounts.