UISO Services

Campus Certificate Service: The Campus Certificate Service allows system administrators to request SSL certificates for Georgetown owned domains.

Firewall/VPN Rule Request Forms: The Firewall/VPN request form allows system/network administrators to request firewall rules for UISO managed firewalls and request access to systems that require VPN role access.

UISO Services Form: The UISO Services form allows users to request a wide range of services provided by UISO.

Two-Factor Authentication Services: Two-factor authentication is for faculty and staff. The solution protects systems and data through two-factor authentication, a concept that uses two separate items (i.e. password and PIN/application) to validate identity and access level.

System Access Request Forms

Banner INB Account Access Request Form

fsaAtlas Access Request Form

GOCard System Access Request Form

GMS Finance Reporting Access Page

COGNOS Student Authorization Form

List of Data Stewards

Identity & Access Management Forms

Administrative NetID Ownership Change Request

Administrative NetID Password Reset

Administrative NetID Request

Online Account Termination Form

Georgetown Sponsored VPN Request Form for Students

Questions or Concerns? Please contact the GU Service Center for questions or concerns regarding submission of these forms.