Have you lost connection to the network? Find out immediately why your port was disconnected by registering with the University Information Security Office's (UISO) Media Access Control (MAC) or Internet Protocol (IP) address programs.

Georgetown University Media Access Control (MAC) Address Registration

Your MAC address is a unique physical ethernet address that is associated with your network card in your computer or laptop. The UISO has developed a program that allows individuals to register their MAC addresses. This enables the UISO to notifiy users when their network ports have been turned off due to security reasons.

It is an easy process to register your MAC address and it only needs to be done once per computer, unless you upgrade your computer or network card.

Each network card has a MAC address that is expressed in the following format:

  • XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX and is made up of [0-9] and [A-F].
  • An example would be: 00-11-24-EF-58-CD or 00-14-22-B5-0F-F3.

To identify your MAC address and submit it for notification, please visit the UISO MAC address registration page at https://security-uiso.uis.georgetown.edu/forms/mac_register.html.

Georgetown University Internet Protocol (IP) Address Registration

Faculty and staff can coordinate with the UISO to allow notification when a port is disabled for a security reason based on an IP address or IP address range.

Although it does not identify the individual associated to a dynamic IP address it will alert you when a port has been disconnected within your IP range and identify its physical location.

If you are interested in receiving notification for a specific IP address or IP address range, please contact the University Information Security Office by email at security@georgetown.edu and include your IP address or range.

It is important to note that the IP address registration program does not identify the users. The MAC address registration program should be used if this is desired.

NOTE: It is recommended that students, faculty and staff use the MAC address registration program and network/system administrators use the IP address registration program.

If you have any questions, issues, or would like to follow up with the UISO, please contact the office using the information below:

University Information Security Office
3300 Whitehaven Street, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC, 20007
Phone: 202-687-3031
Email: security@georgetown.edu