The number of passwords, pass codes, PINs, and access codes we need to remember is rising steadily, and the requirements for complexity and length keep increasing.  We are asked not to use the same password for multiple accounts, not to write passwords down, not to share passwords or password hints . . . it begins to feel overwhelming.

One option for managing your passwords while following good security practices is the use of a password manager.  The password manager allows you to enter and securely store user IDs and passwords for multiple accounts, which are protected by a single complex password.   You only have to remember that one user ID and password; the software takes care of logging you in with the correct credentials.

There are many free and low cost password management products available. Most of these are relatively straightforward to use, and allow you to create the many complex, random, unique passwords that best protect your data while still following security procedures and guidelines.  We have listed a few of them below:

Please note that Georgetown does not currently support any password manager software.