UIS Escort Policy


This policy explains the minimum requirements for identification, access control, and escort of external (non-Georgetown) visitors within UIS facilities.


This policy applies to all members of UIS. All external visitors are subject to this policy and its attendant procedures.  For purposes of this policy, an external visitor is an individual who is present at a UIS facility and who is not a member of the University Community. Presentation of a GOCard identifies GU visitors, who are not subject to continuous escort requirements

Guiding Principles and Purpose

Georgetown University is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information. To better safeguard University information, UIS requires that all external visitors be properly identified, and be escorted while on the premises. This policy works in conjunction with the UIS Information Services Security Responsibility Policy.

Administration and Implementation

External visitors will be required to sign in and present a photo ID at the front desk on arrival.  They will be provided with a temporary Visitor badge, which is expected to be visible at all times while in UIS facilities.  External visitors must be escorted at all times while in a UIS facility.

GU visitors are asked to present their GOCards at the front desk upon arrival.  GU visitors are not required to sign in, to wear Visitor badges, or to be escorted while in the UIS suite.

Individual UIS facilities may have additional polices and procedures related to visitor access.  This policy does not supersede these policies and procedures.  Rather it is intended as a minimum upon which additional procedures may be based as needed.


Members of the Georgetown University community with specific responsibilities governed by this policy are listed below. The Procedures for the Protection of University Information define the procedures required to fulfill these responsibilities.

  • Front Desk Personnel are responsible for carrying out the visitor identification procedures. Front desk personnel will maintain the sign in sheets, verify ID, provide Visitor badges, and arrange for escort when necessary.
  • All UIS Personnel are responsible for ensuring that guests comply with this policy.
  • The University Information Security Office is responsible for establishing procedures for visitor identification and escort, and for training UIS personnel in those procedures. UISO will periodically verify compliance with this policy.


Pursuant to the Georgetown University Human Resources Confidential Information Policy, employees who violate the UIS Visitor Escort Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Unauthorized access or disclosure of legally protected information may result in civil liability or criminal prosecution.


Terms used in this policy include:

  • External Visitors: Individuals who are not members of the University Community are considered External Visitors
  • GU Visitors: Individuals who are members of the University Community, not UIS personnel,  and who present GOCards are considered GU Visitors


UIS Information Services Security Responsibility Policy


Submitted for approval by Judith House on March 21, 201 Approved on March 21, 2013 by David C Smith, University Information Security Officer

Review Cycle

This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed, but at least annually, unless changes in institutional policy or relevant law or regulation dictate otherwise.

Revision History